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Blackout warning: Drivers must charge electric cars off-peak to avoid overstretching National Grid

Withe the growing number of electric vehicles and is increasing demand on the Grid as drivers come home and plug their cars in for a charge. Head to the shower and start cooking, demand grows on the network in a peak period.

This problem is overcome if car users install EV charging points at their home or office. These sophisticated car charging points can schedule car charging at specific times often to take advantage of low peak tariffs.

28th July 2021 Mike Wright, Daily Telegraph reports:

Electric cars could cause “blackouts” if drivers don’t charge them at night, MPs have warned as they recommended VAT cuts to help motorists switch over.

Ministers have been told the UK's power grid will come under increasing strain as more drivers buy electric, unless they are convinced to plug-in at off-peak times.

The Government has also been urged by MPs to prevent rural areas becoming electric vehicle “not spots” due to a lack of public charging points, and to make public charging as cheap as plugging in at home by reducing VAT.

Huw Merriman MP, and the chairman of the transport committee, said: “Unless the National Grid gains more capacity, consumer behaviour will have to alter so that charging takes place when supply can meet the additional demand. The alternative will be blackouts in parts of the country.”

The calls come as the UK prepares to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030.

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