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Smart Home

We are Smart Home installers with experience of audio visual, networking (cable and WiFi) and security.


Look no wires

TV installation with no wires visible!

Apple TV, ChromeCast Fire Stick, DVD & the Internet

TV is connected to CAT6 network so no buffering on old copper BT connection

HDMI connections to Denon amplifier, Apple TV, ChromeCast Fire Stick, DVD


TV installation and acoustic panels

Client wanted a TV on the wall in new kitchen extension

No power and no services - satellite

TV now connected to network to stop buffering

SKY connected to LAN and dish

ChromeCast Fire Stick installed out of site

Because the kitchen is large with a tiled floor the client wanted to cut out noise - we installed acoustic panels featured in the picture which reduced these dramatically



Netgear CAT6 networking

Client had heavy network demands with teenagers requiring streaming plus gaming and TV

Spinning wheels on the TV was frustrating all round.

To reduce the impact on the WiFi and reduce buffering we installed CAT6 network all neatly terminated in the loft.


Google Nest Video Camera

Upgraded a client's doorbell to a Nest Video Doorbell.


Great way of answering the door when busy working from home or even when you have stepped out for an errand.

Very discrete and we also updated the light to complete the look.

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