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Tiki Hut Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting around a Tiki style hut.

We also installed a heater so that the client can enjoy the hut and their garden all year around.

No need to stop the party because it gets dark and cold

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Philips Hue Installation

Here we installed a Philips Hue LED strip.

The client is partially blind and traditional garden lights dazzle and confuse.

The guide dog seems to have found them useful too

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Highlight features in your garden

Here we use lighting to highlight features in the garden. Lighting the tree trunk will work all year around

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What an entrance

Garden Lighting transforms entrance for a warm welcome at night

See how your garden can be transformed in this case to improve street appeal.

In this case the LED lighting is controlled from an App on your phone with programmed schedule and override for late leaving guests

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